All That You Need To About Eye Serum

If you are bothered about the unsightly look caused by fine lines or crow’s feet in and around your eyes, then you can try using an eye serum to enhance your appearance. The region around your eyes is very delicate as it is 80% much thinner than the skin found on other parts of the body. When you are experiencing lot of stress, late night hours at work and exposure to pollution, your eyes and the area around it tends to get affected. Dark circles, puffy look and bags forms under your eyes and can spoil the way you look. In addition it would make you look much older than your age. Luckily, eye serum can repair all the damages faced by your eyes without allowing you to opt for measures that are expensive.

Eye Serum

Functions of an eye serum

An eye serum performs various functions based on the presence of various active ingredients found it. The under eye serum can perform the following functions.

  • Lower the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Lower the puffiness under the eyes.
  • Promotes skin elasticity in and around the eye region.
  • Reduce issues like fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet near the eye
  • The firmness of the skin near the eyes is improved and toned.
  • Offer a healthy skin which would make you look younger.

Active ingredients in an eye serum

An eye serum has different types of ingredients which have proven effects to deal with the delicate skin under the eye. The ingredients are listed belowEye Serum1

  • Retinol or vitamin A – vitamin A is a effective ingredient that can fight the wrinkles by inducing collagen production in the skin and promotes the turnover of the skin. Hence the fine lines fade out when the new cells develop.
  • Hyaluronic acid: This effective ingredient found in the eye serums enables you to draw in the moisture and soak it to offer a youthful appearance to the face. This offers a plumped look to the skin in and around the eyes and irons out the lines and wrinkles.
  • Neuropeptides: Neuropeptides are simple proteins that can induce the collagen production in the skin which can fill the fine lines and wrinkles. This effective ingredient in eye serum can cure deep wrinkles and line near your eyes.

Hence it is necessary to incorporate application of eye serum as a part of your beauty regime.